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Life Partners Christian Ministries offers the life-changing relationship and self-development Discovery Seminar. This seminar is for husbands and wives who have a relatively good marriage and want to strengthen it, and it is for those whose marriages are hanging by a thread. In addition, couples planning to marry will gain incredible insights for having a successful relationship. The Discovery Seminar is sure to have a dynamic and positive impact on any significant male-female relationship. Participants come away with the strongest, most successful Christian testimony they've ever experienced. 

Both men and women, are offered a doorway to a new understanding about God's plan for marriage through the Discovery Seminar and the Journey of Oneness. You will be challenged to...
DISCOVER many misconceptions about communication and learn how to use more than words to communicate with one another,
DISCOVER how lasting change can happen,
DISCOVER what true spiritual leadership looks like,
DISCOVER what the real and honored role of a wife as the ‘helpmeet' means.

Thousands have come away with a new hope and practical tools for building a healthy marriage and family. Register for the upcoming Discovery Seminar or order your copy of the Discovery Seminar on DVD today to experience one of these life-changing events!

Christ-Quest Institute
is the three-year college level follow-up to the Discovery Seminar, which is a discipleship program wherein Christians are taught how to illustrate Christ-likeness. The CQI is conducted nationally in nine cities via closed-circuit TV. We do offer these classes online.

Discipleship Training is a mentoring opportunity available to graduates of the Christ-Quest Institute for training in discipling others in Christ-likeness.

Biblical Counseling
for individuals, couples and families is available in many locations, and mentoring by telephone and Skype is available, also.
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