Mission: At Life Partners Christian Ministries, Inc. our mission is to mentor men in such a way that they will literally illustrate Christ in their homes and their communities, resulting in divorce-proofing Christian marriages. We further seek to train husbands and their wives, who have completed the Christ-Quest Institute and feel the Lord is calling them into this ministry, to be able to mentor others across the nation in Christ-centered relationships to divorce-proof their marriages. Candidates for leadership training must be Christ-Quest Institute graduates and have no previous spouses still living.

Vision: Our vision is to provide Christian-based mentoring for marriages across the world that will promote the health of the family in a culture where divorce, and thus single-parenting, are destroying families and the foundation of our nations future. To demonstrate biblical ways to resolve relationship problems, therefore eliminating the need for divorce. To teach Christians how to illustrate the value of Christ-likeness to a lost world by building generations of Christians who have answers to life's problems. To teach couples principles that they can incorporate into their lives to become living examples to other married couples who will find hope in their testimonies. This, of course, would be possible because each person is becoming familiar with the Bible, having read it from cover to cover.
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