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Discovery Seminar Weekend
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For some, the Discovery Seminar is... 
• Life-changing  • Practical  • Hopeful 

For others, it offers... 
• Non-traditional, yet biblical, wisdom
• Revelation 
• Transformation

Is a successful marriage a mystery to you?  Could it be that everything you
have been trying to do to make your marriage more meaningful may never work?

• Do you feel alone, misunderstood, desperate or wounded?
• Are you dying on the inside?
• Do you feel hopeless that your husband will ever really understand you?

• Do you wonder why everything is such a big deal to your wife?
• Have you concluded that it is impossible to really understand a woman?
• Do you think your wife is too emotional?
• Have you given up trying to be the spiritual leader in your home?

Benefits of attending the Discovery Seminar Weekend

For a wife:
DISCOVER a new way to relate to your husband that frees you to be the honored woman God made you to you hope for a better marriage as your husband discovers how to really love and care for you as Christ would.

For a husband:
DISCOVER how you can understand, lead and love your wife in such a powerful, Christ-like way that you become irresistible to her as you create a marriage full of life and peace.

Who should attend?

The Life Partners Christian Ministries Discovery Seminar is for husbands and wives who have a relatively good marriage and want to strengthen it, and it is for those whose marriages are hanging by a thread. In addition, couples planning on getting married will gain incredible insights for having a successful relationship. The Discovery Seminar is sure to have a dynamic and positive impact on any significant male-female relationship.

Just a few things you will DISCOVER

For both men and women the Discovery Seminar offers a doorway to a new understanding about God's plan for marriage. In this 11-hour, live, multi-media and interactive presentation you will be challenged to...
DISCOVER many misconceptions about communication and learn how to use more than words to communicate with one another
DISCOVER how lasting change can happen
DISCOVER what true spiritual leadership looks like
DISCOVER what the real and honored role of a wife as the ‘helpmeet' means. Thousands have come away with a new hope and practical tools for building a healthy marriage and family.

What attendees have said

“This isn't a seminar; this is a movement to put Christ back into Christianity.”     
Eric Heard - Pastor at Mariners Church - Irvine , CA

“Amazing! I had no idea how little I knew about my wife. This material filled me up for a life-long journey of caring for her in such a way that she is encouraged and alive.”                                                         
Mark P. Fisher President of Sandy Cove Ministries, Maryland

“What an impact! Finally someone put into words what I was feeling.”            
Linda - wife of Christian college V.P.- Kansas City, MO

“This stuff changed our life. I discovered the keys to opening the door to my wife's heart and unlocking the passage way to minister to her like Christ.”                                                                                                                     
Dean Volk, physical therapist, Charlotte, NC

“In 24 years as a pastor, this was the most important seminar I've attended and applied to my own life. I had no idea that ministering to my wife's spirit would help me understand God's heart better. This seminar took me over the top...spiritually.”
Dave Taylor, Associate Pastor, Capo Beach Calvary, Orange County , CA


*NOTE* First time attendees MUST ATTEND FRIDAY NIGHT in order to attend the seminar on Saturday. If you miss Friday, you will NOT be admitted to attend on Saturday.

*NOTE* We are unable to accommodate children under age 17 during the seminar, and require that no one under 17 be admitted. 

*NOTE* Overnight accommodations are not provided by Life Partners Christian Ministries; however, Best Western Inn & Suites is working with us to give you a huge savings on rooms. Find more information here
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