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Words from Ken Nair, Life Partners Christian Ministries' founder and CEO -

"I discovered that, like me, everyone has problems in their marriages. The creation of this ministry was the outgrowth of six years of intensive study and personal application of biblical principles. Although I grew up in the church and had been applying what I had been taught, I was experiencing little success. I was painfully aware that I was not the Christ-like husband God wanted me to be.

I married Nancy in 1959. I thought we had a good marriage. Our home seemed to be normal. It consisted of a businessman husband, a stay-at-home-with-the-children wife, three children, a dog, a cat, and a goldfish.

Even though there were some problems between Nancy and me, I was basically satisfied. However, after thirteen years of marriage I discovered that Nancy was secretly, inwardly not very happy at all. As she shared her heart with me I discovered that I had indeed been very selfish. I had also ruled my family in such a way that caused them to fear my angry reactions if things didn't go my way. I began to realize something new to me: I really was an angry man. Even though I was not violent in behavior, my family still paid a heavy emotional price for my negative attitudes.

As a Christian, I considered myself a student of the Scriptures. However, the condition of my family revealed that something was very wrong. In my anxiety, I felt prompted to do something I had never done before: I read the Bible from cover to cover.

About that time, we moved from California to the mid-west to join the staff of a Christian ministry. During the next six years, God started teaching me some valuable lessons through experiences which caused me severe emotional trauma. I began to understand how my negative character had emotionally affected my wife and children. I also made some Scriptural discoveries I'd never heard of before, even though I had grown up in the church. I discovered that when these Scriptural principles were diligently applied to my life there was an amazingly positive effect on my marriage.

Seven years later, when Nancy and I returned to California, our married friends said they saw noticeable changes in me. Due to their insistent prompting, I began teaching them how to apply the same principles I had found in Scripture. They all soon noticed the dynamic effects it had on their marriages.

In 1978, I started putting together the material that is the basis for the Life Partners Christian Ministries Discovery Seminar today. As more and more people started hearing the concepts that were being taught, they suggested that I write a book.

Although I felt inadequate to do so, a book did become a reality. One evening I remember trying to figure out how to go about writing a book. Then I woke up in the middle of the night and wrote down the information I had been dreaming. That became the first chapter of the book "Discovering the Mind of a Woman". More chapters followed in the same way, and two years later the original book was published."

Ken has presented the Life Partners Discovery Seminar in major cities throughout the United States. The Seminars and his books have helped thousands of men on their way to becoming better husbands. Happier marriages are a natural result of applying God's ways.

"Discovering the Heart of a Man" is his second book. Wives and husbands across America, and internationally, have been enlightened and elated by the biblical principles explained in the book.

In 1981, Ken and Nancy moved to Arizona, and Life Partners Christian Ministries was incorporated in 1983. Ken and Nancy Nair travel throughout North America teaching the application of these Biblical truths. Men who have become strong and more irresistible husbands are enjoying the fruit of this message. These men enjoy richer and fuller relationships with their wives than they ever thought possible.
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